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Builder of Men

I am a proud 2006 initiate of the Wyoming Chapter of FARMHOUSE International Fraternity.


As an undergraduate member I served twice as the Director of New Member Education, developing the first New Member Education Program for the Wyoming Colony during its chartering process.

As an alumnus, I have served FARMHOUSE in several capacities:

  • International Board of Directors Nominating Committee 2018

  • Co-chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee

  • Two term Western Region Director from 2013-2016

  • Five time FARMHOUSE Leadership Institute Facilitator - 2013-2017

  • Delegate to the 2008 (Lubbock, TX) and 2010 (Columbus, OH) Conclaves

  • Volunteer at the 2012 (Minneapolis, MN), 2014 (Charlotte, NC), 2016 (Denver, CO), and 2018 (Kansas City, MO) Conclaves

  • Communications and Marketing Committee Member

To learn more about FARMHOUSE and what it stands for, visit




As a Wyoming native and University of Wyoming graduate, it would be difficult to deny my love of Cowboy and Cowgirl Athletics. The Brown & Gold has a unique way of uniting the people of Wyoming and alumni across the world as we rise and fall with their successes and defeats.

I am an active member of the Cowboy Joe Club and serve as a member of the the University of Wyoming Fan Experience Board. To learn more about the Cowboys & Cowgirls, including game schedules, history, and traditions visit



“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass—an agreeable interlude.” 

-James Joyce

I have always had an appreciation for good beer, wine, and spirits. However, in recent years I have developed a passion for quality cocktails.

A good cocktail can invoke vivid memories, celebrate success, or enliven a meal - simple ingredients in perfect balance can create something magical. Therefore, I am always in search for a new take on a classic cocktail, a surprise in something completely new, or the next great cocktails bar. I have completed the BarSmarts Comprehensive Bartenders Spirits Training and built a custom home bar.

Check back here for more details about my cocktail adventures as they happen. Currently, my list of favorite bars is as follows:

  • Backwards Distilling - Casper, WY

  • The Green Russell and Williams & Graham - Denver, CO

  • Ironside and Craft & Commerce - San Diego, CA

  • Longman & Eagle and Scofflaw - Chicago, IL

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